Saturday, November 17, 2012

IlluXcon 5

IlluXcon 5 happened last weekend in Altoona, PA. This was the third year that I've attended, but this year I had a table at the showcase for the first time. The showcase is a show that happens for one evening, separate from the main convention. It was, as always, an awesome experience and I will definitely be going again next year(and the year after that...and the year after that...). If you are even a little bit interested in fantasy or sci-fi art I would highly recommend going.

The main show floor. 

 Mah table at the showcase!

This cathedral lives across the street from the Altoona Heritage Discovery Center, where the show took place, and I have drawn it every year that I've been to the show. This was the last year that IlluXcon happened in Altoona, and thus this is the last drawing that I will ever do of this building. It was a fun little exercise to gauge my improvement each year, and I wish I could find the older, crappier drawings that I did of this. Oh well.
I still managed to cut off the top off of the damn thing.