Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blue Bomber!!!...not Megaman.

A robot I did for the Anonymous Challenge on ArtOrder. The full line-up of pieces can be found here. I decided to do this piece digitally for a change of pace.

I also decided to put together my process for this one, just because I can!

1. Some embarrasingly fast and small "thumbnail" on a piece of scrap paper or something. This was probably no more than 2 inches on either side.

2. Using multiply layers and various levels of grey, I turned my initial embarrasing thumbnail into a less embarrasing thumbnail. Mostly just trying to make sure the values work in this stage.

3. Trying out colors using color layers over the black and white thumbnail. Color layers will change hue and saturation without messing with your values. I probably threw in an overlay or multiply layer here and there.

4. Lowered the opacity of the black and white thumbnail way down and did a tighter line drawing on a separate layer above. Once the line drawing was finished I got rid of the thumbnail layer completely.

5. Set the line drawing layer to multiply and started laying in the background colors underneath that layer by color picking from my color thumbnail.

6. Still underneath the line layer, I started putting in some of the colors on the robot. I also did this by choosing colors from my thumbnail, but I saved the brightest colors for later.

7. Started painting opaquely on separate layers above the lines layer to get the highlights and rim light. I think I threw in some overlay layers also to get the warm light hitting the robot from below.

8. Rendered everything to completely get rid of the lines.

9. Tweaked the whole piece. Mostly added soft glows around the fuses and changed the levels and saturation a bit to gain slightly more contrast. All done!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Science Fiction!?

A recent painting I did as my entry for the Story Extraction Challenge on ArtOrder. The full line-up of pieces can be found here.

Oil on gessoed board.

...aaaand some process shots.


Detailed drawing

Color study